Dog Training Classes

Obedience and puppy classes are following THE THIRD WAY training method by Chris Bach. This method teaches dogs to focus on their trainers. Each skill follows the same sequence of exercises which leads to dogs knowing what to expect next. All skills are taught in the same, consistent way for better communication between dog and trainer. No harsh methods. A MUST to bring to class:  YOUR SMILE!

Preparation for therapy dog testing is available through the Canine Good Citizen classes. All testing is done through Maplecreek training center.

Puppy class follows THE THIRD WAY training techniques with the opportunity for dog and trainer to achieve the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program.

Additional classes such as rally, conformation and competition obedience classes are offered. Such classes will be added to the class schedule upon request.

All dogs and puppies come to the first class.  Six-week classes meet once a week for 50 minutes. Classes are limited in size. Family members are welcome.

Private lessons are offered by appointment.  These lessons cover both THE THIRD WAY beginning skills and address immediate behavior issues.

So, what do you bring to class?  Your dog on a regular leash and collar, GREAT treats and your best SMILE!  ?

It is impossible to teach dogs what NOT to do. We need to teach them what TO DO.”  – Chris Bach